Dulia – Hic Contendimus (Occult Black Metal album review)

Dulia - Hic Contendimus

Dulia, from Sicily, Italy play occult black metal that’s sure to rise not only the devil but evil spirits who guard his fiery underworld.

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From The Vastland – Blaclkhearts (Black Metal EP review)

From The Vastland - Blackhearts

For a three-song EP, From The Vastland plays old school black metal that’s guaranteed to tear your head off of your shoulders, as “Blackhearts” is a very vile release.

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Aornos – Orior (Symphonic Black Metal album review)

Aornos - Orior

Aornos’ “Orior” is a very spellbinding album with its 11 cuts, including a killer cover of Emperor’s “Ensorcelled By Khaos”.

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Aunt Mary – New Dawn (Rock album review)

Aunt Mary - New Dawn

Norway’s Aunt Mary is sure to rock your world with their melodic and infectious slab of progressive, melodic and catchy rock.

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Chaoswolf – Templo De Palabras Muerto (Anti-Christian Black Metal CD review)

Chaoswolf - Templo De Palabras Muerto

Chaoswolf play Jesus Christ-raping black metal that’s sure to put all motherfucking Christians around the world into their shallow graves forever!

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Exterminas – Dichotomy (Blackened death metal album review)

Exterminas - Dichotomy

These lunatic Italians in Exterminas play such a darkened form of extreme metal, it is sure to send shivers down your spine, listen to “Dichotomy” with extreme caution.

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With Our Arms To The Sun – A Far Away Wonder (Electic Rock CD review)


To get the full effect of “A Far Away Wonder” you’d need to listen to the whole record at least two to three times without any interruptions, as it seems concentration is the key to wallow in this band’s moody highs and lows.

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Black Lord – Black Ritual Forest (Black Metal album review)

Black Lord - Black Ritual Forest

Mexico’s black metal legion known as Black Forest is another nail in the coffin of Christianity for the followers of Christ, on the hell invoking “Black Ritual Forest”.

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Rockett Queen – Goodnight California (Rock album review)

Rockett Queen-Goodnight California

Rockett Queen is sure to make a fanatical follower of you with their style of upbeat and catchy rock & roll driven rock anthems.

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Odin’s Court – Deathanity (Progressive Metal album review)

Odin's Court - Deathanity

Odin’s Court has some heavy groove rhythms and riffs, but it is more written in mind for the thinking person’s progressive metal.

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