O.Y.D. – Indigo (Rock, Metal, Punk, Grunge CD review)

OYD - Indigo

O.Y.D (One Year Delay) from Greece is sure to submerge your auditory senses into a world of sonic trips beyond your wildest imagination.

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HUNGRY DAZE – Back To My Future (Heavy Metal CD review)

Hungry Daze - Back To My Future

Italian rockers Hungry Daze is sure to make you bang your head while you raise your fists in the air to their hard hitting, melodic heavy metal.

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DEATHCRAEFT – On Human Devolution (Extreme Metal CD)

Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution

Greece’s purveyors of that’s extreme and atmospheric, Deathcraeft is sure to desecrate your soul into another million spirits longing for eternal suffering.

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DIABOLIC – Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost

Diabolic - Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost

Tampa, Florida’s ungodly death metal troupe Diabolic return with their newest blasphemous hell of unholy death metal from the merciless abyss.

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NINE SHRINES – Retribution Therapy (Metallic,Heavy Rock)


Ohio metallic and heavy rockers Nine Shrines pummel the senses with their heavy guitar rhythms and groove powered anthems sure to make you go crazy.

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My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void (Grindcore album review)

My Minds Mine - Passengers Of The Void

My Minds Eye, who hail from the Netherlands, play a wickedly impenetrable style of grindcore that’s sure to make you blow your fucking brains out just by listening to their chaotic grind. Die at your own risk…

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Nuclear Holocaust – Grinding Bombing Thashing (Thrash/Death/Grind album review)

Nuclear Holocaust - Grinding Bombing Thrashing

Grindcore has always fucking blown my mind into oblivion, but Nuclear Holocaust goes beyond these norms, as they unleash their barrage of steel and shrapnel in the form a thrash/death/grind attack. This bitch is very volatile in every aspect of the word: EXTREME!!!

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ANTIGAMA – Depressant (Apocalyptic Grind album)

Antigama - Depressant

Polish extremists Antigama play a post apocalyptic style of grind with a callous edge to their musicianship, as their drumming, guitars, bass rhythms and pissed off, yelled out vocals are potent to given anyone a massive coronary.

AEOLIAN – Silent Witness (Death/Black Metal album review)

Aeolian - Silent Witness

Manacor, Spain’s Aeolian play an interestingly tormenting blend of death metal with hellish black metal parts blended with subtle hints of folkoric moments, to bring a killer twist to their nature driven extreme metal.

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Butcher ABC – North Of Hell (Grinding Death Metal album review)

Butcher ABC - North Of Hell

Japan’s sickened and mentally ill grinding death metal freaks Butcher ABC is definitely a band you’re bound get immersed in with their bestial bloodletting rites and violent episodes of flesh ripping grinding death metal.

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