Bestial Deform – …Ad Leones (Death Metal album review)

Bestial Deform - …Ad Leones

Russia’s death metal group Bestial Deform is back with a vengeance, with razor sharp guitar rhythms and vocals bestial enough to destroy your world.

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Nazghor – Death’s Withered Chants (Black Metal album review)

Nazghor - Death's Withered Chants

Nazghor is sure to rape your soul with their Christ-fucking black metal that’s deadly enough to wipe out the entire Christian faith in one sweep…

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Rotheads – Unfazed By Death (Old School Death Metal CD review)

Rotheads - Unfazed By Death

Romanians Rotheads is sure to punish you with their old school death metal, skull crushing, soul obliterating extremes, whereby you will not even stand a chance of surviving their auditory warfare.

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Rainbow – Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980 (Hard Rock Live CD review)

Rainbow - Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980

Rainbow’s fiery, hard hitting and energetic stage show captured really well during their performance at Monsters of Rock Live At Donington 1980, and this DVD and CD set is going to rock your world.

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Audn (Black metal album review)


Audn play a very cold, grim and chilling style of black metal within the old school vein reminding of Immortal and Satyricon with their hellish guitar and raspy scream passages.

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Colemesis – Viviseccion (Eclectic death metal EP review)

Colemesis - Viviseccion

Colemesis’ Costa Rican unique style of death metal is bound to leave the listener begging for more of their wickedly punishing, melodic and crushing extreme metal torture.

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Assailant/Ubiquitous Realities – Bringers of Delusion (Thrash/Death Metal Split EP review)

Assailant:Ubiquitous Realities Split EP

Assailant and Ubiquitous Realities’ split EP, is a superbly stunning display Thrash and Death Metal taken to the next level of human comprehension. It’s wickedly extreme enough to beat the crap out of you…

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Bolu2 Death – Dualitas (Metalcore/Electrocore album review)


Bolu2 Death’s blend of metalcore with strong elements of electrocore is a very lethal combination heavy and aggressive metal that’s sure to blow your ears off your freaking skull.

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Absenta – Eel (Post Black Metal album review)


Post black metallers Absenta play a very cold and grim style of extreme black metal with some groove-laden moments within their darkened extreme sounds.

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Beltfed Weapon -Raining Plague (Thrash Metal EP review)


Beltfed Weapon play thrash metal, assaulting the auditory senses with so much aggression, you’re prone to feel their suicidal wrath of destruction mercilessly.

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