Praise The Flame – Manifest Rebellion (Death Metal album review)

Praise The Flame - Manifest Rebellion

The rhythms and riffs immaculately strangle you at the neck, while the vocals senselessly smash your brains out…

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Ruin – Spread Plague Hell (Death Metal demo review)

Ruin - Spread Plague Hell

Spread Plague Hell” is a 4 song demo made of some of the rawest, unadulterated, mind numbing death metal.

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Intrinsic – Nails (Power/Thrash Metal album review)

Intrinsic - Nails

Intrinsic play a hard edged thrash metal with hints of power metal and some weird, of the wall rock that’ll surely drive you mad to the point of no return.

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Temple Of Baal – Mysterium (blackened death metal album review)

Temple Of Baal - Mysterium

Listening to Temple Of Baal is like experiencing a soundtrack to your own Satanic sacrifice…

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VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum (black metal album review)

VI-De Praestigiis Angelorum

Their guitar sound alone adds so much depth of darkness and an evil feel to their songs, it kind of makes you feel as if you’ve been left in the dark all alone.

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Islay – The Angels’ Share – (death metal album review)

Islay - The Angels' Share

Germans Islay play a melodic and groove inspired style of melodic death metal with plenty of intricate harmonies and mosh-worthy rhythms.

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Anasarca – Survival Mode (Demo 2015 review)

Anasarca-Survival Mode demo

Metal heads, this is the real deal, death metal with sincerest of emotions hidden behind a veil of such destructive forces.

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Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land (Power/Thrash Metal album review)

Rectified Spirit - The Waste Land

There are moments of melodic bliss to atmospheric enchantment to the much heavier parts that’ll make you bang your head until you blackout here.

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Grave – Out Of Respect For The Dead (death metal album review)

Grave Out Of Respect For The Dead

Grave is definitely playing some of their finest old school styled death metal here.

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Avulsed – Altar Of Disembowelment (death metal e.p review)

Avulsed - Altar Of Disembowelment

Listening to Avulsed is like watching a sick and perverted horror flick, where the sexual torture is endless…

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