Ethan Brosh – Conspiracy (Instrumental Rock/Metal album)

Ethan Brosh - Conspiracy

Virtuoso instrumental guitarist and songwriter Ethan Brosh plays with so much passion and fire, you feel his awesome guitar arrangements resonating throughout your body. The music on this album is very, very contagious, but in a positive way.

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Judas Priest – Firepower (Heavy Metal album)

Judas Priest-Firepower

Heavy Metal legends and gods Judas Priest return with their newest studio album “Firepower”, and it is a record, which is sure to bring back memories of good old days of when heavy metal was heavy with its complete rawness.

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Worselder – Paradigms Lost (Metal album review)

Worselder - Paradigms Lost

France’s Worselder plays groove and melodic metal to make you bang your head and mosh to your heart’s content.

Ruxt – Running Out Of Time (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock album)

Ruxt - Running Out Of Time

Ruxt’s latest studio album in the form of “Running Out Of Time” is a pure heavy metal and hard rocking release that’s sure to make you sing-a-long and headbang to every song featured here.

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Deos – In Nomine Romae (Symphonic Italian Death Metal album)

Deos - In Nomine Romae

Deos plays a wickedly punishing blend of symphonic metal mixed in with the old school death metal spirit, but with a very atmospheric edge.

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Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales reissue (Avant-garde/Thrash Metal album review)


“Morbid Tales”, probably the most innovative avant-garde thrash metal release ever, from Switzerland’s Celtic Frost is sure to give you nightmares forever, as you find yourself on this hellish auditory journey.

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Mistweaver – The Bloodshed Rages On (Melodic Death metal album review)


Mistweaver’s wicked twist and turns on their melody and atmosphere powered “The Bloodshed Rages On” is album that’s sure to throw your mental state into an uncontrollable downward spiral.

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Epoch – Sacrosanct (Death Metal album review)

Epoch - Sacrosanct

Epoch plays very eerie sounding and finely tuned darkened death metal with apocalyptic feelings contained within their latest album, “Sacrosanct”.

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Pestifier – Execration Diatribes (Death Metal CD review)

Pestifier - Execration Diatribes

Portugal’s death metal terrorists Pestifier is destined to blow the listener into oblivion with their wicked brand of old school, modernized death metal with immaculate precision.

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Lou DiBello – Heatwave

Lou DiBello Heatwave

Lou DiBello is sure to rock your world harder than you could have ever imagined…

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