Feto In Fetus – From Blessing To Violence (Death/Grind CD review)

Feto In Fetus

Polish death grind stalwarts Feto In Fetus play a blasting blend of guttural death metal infused with sick and twisted emotions of grind. “From Blessing To Violence” is sure to knock you unconscious and leave you for dead in a shallow grave.

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Ordinul Negru – Faustian Nights (Black metal album review)

Ordinul Negru - Faustian Nights

Ordinul Negru, who hail from Romania play one of an atmospheric, somber and dark laden black metal with hints of death metal, which is sure to possess your soul.

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AMOCLEN – Diagnosis: Grindcore (Grindcore album review)

Amoclen - Diagnosis

Czech grindcore lunatics Amoclen are back with their newest offering in the violent form of “Diagnosis: Grindcore”, which is sure to rip your ears off your skull.

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OPERUS – Cenotaph (Symphonic Metal album review)

Operus - Cenotaph

Operus play a darkened symphonic style of metal with plenty of atmosphere to make you feel like darkened clouds are hovering above you.

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SAMADHI SITARAM – Kaliyuga Babalon (Metallic Hardcore album review)

Samadhi Sitaram - Kaliyuga Babalon

Russians Samadhi Sitaram play an aurally assaulting breed of metallic hardcore potent enough to rape your eardrums inside out with their sonic rhythms and vicious vocal infliction.

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Saxon – Decade Of The Eagle – The Best Of 1979-1988 (Heavy Metal CD review)

Saxon - Decade Of The Eagle

British heavy metallers Saxon have released an ass kicking and headbanging compilation of some their classic cuts from 1979 to 1988, under the title of “Decade Of The Eagle”. It’s an album that’ll rock you until you literally drop to the floor.

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VALDUR – Divine Cessation (Blackened/Death Metal album review)

Valdur - Divine Cessation

USA’s bestial war machine Valdur play a depressive and eerie blend of black and death metal that is very sinister and morbid in execution.

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Ethan Brosh – Conspiracy (Instrumental Rock/Metal album)

Ethan Brosh - Conspiracy

Virtuoso instrumental guitarist and songwriter Ethan Brosh plays with so much passion and fire, you feel his awesome guitar arrangements resonating throughout your body. The music on this album is very, very contagious, but in a positive way.

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Judas Priest – Firepower (Heavy Metal album)

Judas Priest-Firepower

Heavy Metal legends and gods Judas Priest return with their newest studio album “Firepower”, and it is a record, which is sure to bring back memories of good old days of when heavy metal was heavy with its complete rawness.

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Worselder – Paradigms Lost (Metal album review)

Worselder - Paradigms Lost

France’s Worselder plays groove and melodic metal to make you bang your head and mosh to your heart’s content.