Pareidolia (Podcast interview)

Pareidolia band

Pareidolia’s founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter Stephen Dadaian gives us insight into the Pareidolia’ s unique songs, and filling a void left within the progressive metal circles.

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Asphyx (Podcast interview)

Asphyx group 3

Asphyx’s vocalist and growler Martin Van Drunen gives Explicitly Intense an ungodly insight to their darkest and most brutal release “Incoming Death”.

Ubiquitous Realities podcast interview

Ubiquitous Realities

Ubiquitous Realities is a death metal hybrid of grind and melodic extreme metal, and their songs speak volumes of the sheer brutality mixed with intricately crafted song structures.

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Intelligent Music Project interview

Milen 17

Milen Vrabevski, the mind behind Intelligent Music Project gave ExplicitlyIntense’s Sarjoo Devani some very interesting and unique insights to the band’s latest album “Touching The Divine”, and how it all worked out to the last detail.

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Bibeau videocast interview

Bibeau group

Bibeau is a five piece band outta Texas, and they play progressive heavy metal with pure emotions guaranteed to rock your world, and the video for their single “Mark This” will rock you even harder.

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Assailant (Podcast interview)


Check out the very cool podcast interview with Jose Del Valle of Assailant, as he gives Explicitly Intense insight into the band’s influences and unique musicianship.

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Blacktop Mojo – Where The Wind Blows Video World Premiere

Blacktop Mojo

Blacktop Mojo is bound to get you into a rockin’ mood once you’ve checked out their video for “Where The Wind Blows”.

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Aborted (Podcast interview)

Aborted 1

Aborted play brutal death metal with a very unique edge in that, they don’t sound like any of their contemporaries, and “Retrogore” proves the fact, why Aborted is still alive and killing!

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Dalkhu (Podcast interview)

Dalkhu - Descend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu founder and songwriter J.G. tells Explicitly Intense why “Descend Into Nothingness” is a unique record in heaviness and atmosphere.

Meltdown (Podcast interview)

Meltdown is sure to kick your ass so fucking hard, you’re going to be so sore, you’ll wish you’d not put this in your CD player. Check them out and feel the metalcore burn through your veins.

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