Blacktop Mojo – Where The Wind Blows Video World Premiere

Blacktop Mojo

Blacktop Mojo is bound to get you into a rockin’ mood once you’ve checked out their video for “Where The Wind Blows”.

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Aborted (Podcast interview)

Aborted 1

Aborted play brutal death metal with a very unique edge in that, they don’t sound like any of their contemporaries, and “Retrogore” proves the fact, why Aborted is still alive and killing!

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Dalkhu (Podcast interview)

Dalkhu - Descend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu founder and songwriter J.G. tells Explicitly Intense why “Descend Into Nothingness” is a unique record in heaviness and atmosphere.

Meltdown (Podcast interview)

Meltdown is sure to kick your ass so fucking hard, you’re going to be so sore, you’ll wish you’d not put this in your CD player. Check them out and feel the metalcore burn through your veins.

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Rockett Queen (Podcast interview w/Walter Lee)


The Lone Star state’s Rockett Queen play high octane heavy rock & roll that’s sure to kick your ass into gear and then some. The energy alone on “Goodnight California” will make your head spin mercilessly…

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Megadeth Playing Live In Las Vegas (Heavy Metal article)


The Megadeth founding member is renowned for being one of the genreā€™s biggest hellraisers…

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Vinnie Moore (Podcast Interview)

Vinnie Moore 1

Vinnie Moore’s newest release in the shape of “Aerial Visions” is bound to sweep you off of your feet in total excitement with his awesome guitar playing here.

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The Lizards (Podcast Interview)

The Lizards - Reptilicus Maximus

The Lizards is sure to rock your world so hard, you will not even know what hit you, but it is a good thing, as their music is loaded with good positive vibes. Just one listen to “Reptilicus Maximus” and you will be hooked, literally.

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Horrific Disease (Podcast Interview)

Horrific Disease

Horrific Disease play some the most wickedly punishing death metal their debut CD “Outbreak” that’s sure to wreak havoc on your senses.

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Torchia (Melodic Death Metal video interview)

Torchia promo 2015

Torchia’s Ville gave Explicitly Intense’s Sarjoo Devani some cool and unique insights into his band, and what inspired the band’s name and lyrical inspiration.

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