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This double CD set by Greg Lake is a classic in the form of the self titled CD, “Greg Lake” and “Manoeuvres”, which is loaded with immense talent from this British-born songwriter and one-time member of ELP.

Insatanity - Divine Decomposition
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s sinister and unholy, brutal guttural terror unit known as Insatanity is definitely going to beat your skull in with their brand of ultra brutal death metal with slight hints of black metal.

Cyanosis - Perpetuation Of Eradication
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Cyanosis play guttural death metal that’s potent enough to make the listener regurgitate last night’s meal of visceral human flesh – yes, it is that disgustingly grotesque.

Slamin Thru - Things To Come
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Slamin Thru play a hybrid of progressive heavy metal with futuristic touches of tech sounds and passages, which sets their songs on fire, at first listen.

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Croatian extreme metal band HerezA play old school death metal within the Swedish vein, and keep their music dark with slight hardcore sounds mixed in with the heaviness of modern day death metal.



Greg Lake – Greg Lake/Manoeuvres (Rock Music double album review)

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Greg Lake – Greg Lake/Manoeuvres Finally, two of Greg Lake’s most sought after solo affairs have been released as a two CD set with four bonus…

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Insatanity - Divine Decomposition

Insatanity – Divine Decomposition (Brutal Death Metal album review)

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Insatanity – Divine Decomposition Originally released in 1996 by Insatanity, but later reissued again in 2015 with demo tracks, “Divine…

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Cyanosis - Perpetuation Of Eradication

Cyanosis – Perpetuation Of Eradication (Brutal death metal album review)

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Cyanosis – Perpetuation Of Eradication American guttural death metal legion known as Cyanosis has been around for quite sometime, however, I was…

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Slamin Thru - Things To Come

Slammin Thru – Things To Come (Progressive Metal album review)

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Slammin Thru – Things To Come There has been a lack of progressively, technically proficient heavy metal bands within the last dozen years or so,…

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HerezA – I Become Death (Death Metal album review)

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HerezA – I Become Death HerezA, who hails from the country of Croatia, plays a carefully crafted blend of early Swedish-styled death metal, with…

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George Michael Passes Away at Age 53

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It is very sad when you receive news that a talented, groundbreaking, humble, individualistic, and iconic musician and songwriter such as George…

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Soul Gutter Podcast interview

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I had the chance to speak with Members: Antti (drums), Heikki (vocals) and Antti (Guitars) about Soul Gutter's latest EP, and what sets them apart…

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BloodRedThrone Podcast interview

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Blood Red Throne's guitarist Meathook took the time out of his busy schedule to give us the lowdown on the band's latest record "Union Of Flesh And…

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Pareidolia band

Pareidolia (Podcast interview)

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Pareidolia guitarist, songwriter and founder Stephen Dadaian gave us insight to his band's musical direction and the creative vision behind every…

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Asphyx group 3

Asphyx (Podcast interview)

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Asphyx has released its most brutal and skull shattering release in the form of "Incoming Death", and they've just proven that death metal can still…

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